Despite broken foot, Antonio Trocoli was sure he'd be able to submit Kenneth Bergh

LAS VEGAS – Antonio Trocoli had to face some early adversity when he broke his foot in his first couple of exchanges with Kenneth Bergh Tuesday night at Dana White’s Contender Series 19.

That didn’t stop him from scoring a first-round submission and a UFC contract.

“Right when I kicked him, I knew I broke my foot,” Trocoli told reporters, including MMA Junkie, through an interpreter post-fight. “My gameplan was to walk forward, pressure him against the cage, but when I broke my foot, I stepped down a little bit. He came and pressed me on the cage, but I was relaxed. I let him use his strength. I was feeling his breathing. When I felt he was getting tired, I took him down, took his back and I even told him while the choke was in, ‘I got you.’ This is Brazilian jiu-jitsu.”

“I’m feeling in heaven right now,” Trocoli added. “I don’t even know if I’m awake or still sleeping.”

When asked if he was surprised to submit the strong Norwegian grappler, Bergh, who has numerous submission wins on his record, Trocoli boasted that we should take a look at who he’s on the mats with on a daily basis, as well.

“I was sure that I’d be able to submit him on the ground,” Trocoli said. “I train with the best. I’ve been training with the best for a long time. If you guys were surprised seeing me submit Kenneth Bergh, you have to see some of my training partners.”

Former welterweight Trocoli has gone from 170 pounds to 185 and all the way up to 205, more recently. Why? Well, the Brazilian says that only light heavyweights were down to fight him.

“I always fought at welterweight in Brazil, actually,” Trocoli said. “After I fought twice in Legacy, I came back to Brazil, and there were no more opponents for me. Nobody was accepting fights against me. The only guys who were willing to face me were light heavyweights, so that’s where I moved. I don’t know what’s next for me.”

What he does know is that he’d love for the UFC to one day come to his hometown and for him to get an opportunity to compete in front of his fans.

“Yeah, UFC, my city – Salvador, Bahia – we are ready to receive the UFC for the first time,” Trocoli said. “There are a lot of tough guys who want to fight at home.”

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Source: USA Today – MMA Junkie

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