How do you celebrate a win at UFC 221? If you're Tai Tuivasa, you chug beer out of a shoe

So Tai Tuivasa continues to win fights in the UFC, all while seeming like the dude on your high school football team who was voted Most Likely to Use His Own Head to Smash the Window of a Police Car While Drunk.

In his second UFC outing, the former professional rugby player absolutely demolished the overmatched Cyril Asker in the first round. Asker fought like he was trying to prove that he had a superhuman ability to absorb punishment, and he almost succeeded.

Then, after battering him with punches and elbows, all Tuivasa (7-0 MMA, 2-0 UFC) needed to do was give Asker (9-4 MMA, 2-3 UFC) a helpful little shove and it faceplanted him on the mat, which proved to be all the cry for help necessary to prompt a referee stoppage.

As for Tuivasa, he seemed like a man ready to party the instant the fight ended. And if you think that’s an exaggeration, here he is chugging beer out of a shoe just seconds after exiting the cage.

A few things about this:

1) If Tuivasa didn’t just become your favorite new UFC heavyweight, you must look for different qualities in fighters than I do.

2) You see how quickly he took that beer down? One hates to speculate, but I feel like that might not be the first beer Tuivasa has ever tasted.

3) Why a shoe, though? I only ask because, little known fact about shoes: they typically smell and taste like feet.

4) Now that we’ve all seen him do that, at least Tuivasa has some interesting excuse options should he happen to fail his post-fight drug test.

After downing that shoe-beer, Tuivasa calmly wiped his face with his T-shirt and then headed for the locker room. Where he goes from there is anyone’s guess, but they better have some frosty beverages waiting for him there.

Because a man who will chug a beer out of a shoe is probably not a man who is going to call it an early night and go home to watch Netflix after a win like this.

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Source: USA Today – MMA Junkie

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