These three fighters are looking to join Russia's big-show invasion

With the UFC making advances in Russia – and some of the nation’s native promotions looking to expand outside their home territory – the country’s MMA talent continues to seek the spotlight.

Here are three such athletes who recently reached out to MMAjunkie to express their desire to step up in competition.

Nikita Chistyakov

Record: 11-4-1

Division: Featherweight

Age: 25

“My team managers at Rati are having talks with Bellator MMA. First off, I have to prove myself as a worthy guy there – a champion, that is. When I’m done with that, I may look for a Bellator or UFC contract.”

Evgeniy Ignatiev

Record: 12-2

Division: Bantamweight

Age: 23

“Of course I want to be in the UFC. You have to reach for the stars to catch one. I haven’t been contacted by the UFC yet, but I think someone will reach out to my agent real soon. I’m going to win the Fight Nights Global belt. This promotion is a known name, and I’m sure when I get the belt, the UFC will know.”

Denis Lavrentyev

Record: 6-0

Division: Bantamweight

Age: 30

“UFC is the main game. A lot of my fans are asking, ‘When are you going to UFC?’ So, yes, this is one of my main goals. Joining UFC is one of those things that made me take up MMA in the first place. I know they are interested in me. My managers have contacted UFC staff, and they are having talks about signing me.

“My next fight is at Russian Cagefighting Championship 5 on Dec. 15. I’m fighting Victor Henry. This guy is well-known. He is a tough matchup. I think a win over this guy will cement my signing to the UFC, most definitely.”

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Source: USA Today – MMA Junkie

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