WWE star Daniel Bryan gets Mike Jackson's attention with remark about beating him in UFC

Mike Jackson just got done beating up one pro wrestler inside the octagon, and if another one really wants a shot, well, it sounds like he won’t back down.

In a video posted on social media by his wife, WWE star Daniel Bryan was asked by a fan if he could take Jackson in an MMA fight. Bryan’s response?

“I could beat him on the ground, for sure,” he said. “I think.”

Check out the clip, via YouTube:

Jackson, who outclassed and embarrassed ex-WWE star CM Punk over the weekend at UFC 225, caught wind of the response and didn’t seem to particularly appreciate it (via Twitter).

Hey, @WWEDanielBryan, don’t let your mouth write a check your ass can’t cash. You don’t want to get potatoed like your mans did at .

Jackson even had this to say to FanSided.com:

“He says, ‘Man, I can beat him on the ground in a UFC fight,’” Jackson said. “Look, Daniel Bryan, I will do you worse than I did your man Punk because I will have no reservations in punching this guy in the face 100 percent – and at will.”

The last that Bryan commented on the situation as of this writing was with one word and an emoji (via Twitter).

Interesting 🤔

My guess is that Bryan probably didn’t expect any sort of reaction from Jackson over what seemed like an innocuous answer to a fan’s question. Or, perhaps this is what Bryan was hoping for? Because, you know, this is how ideas get planted into promoters’ heads about letting …

I’ll stop right there.

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Source: USA Today – MMA Junkie

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